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Public Cloud Integration

Cloud provides both temporary and long term solutions to allow IT to deliver scalable applications and services to the business. Our connectivity solutions make cloud a natural extension of your core network.

DevOps Technology

For IT specialists on the bleeding edge, the recent All Day DevOps Event was a blissful 15 straight hours of high-quality learning. Honestly, it was probably more useful than many live all-weekend conferences I’ve attended.

Network Intelligence

IT must respond quickly when responding to events or fulfilling requests, yet still remain lean. Automation makes self-service possible and good telemetry helps to identify issues quickly while providing the information needed for the the right reaction.

network Security

Decentralizing a network brings a lot of benefits but also adds risk. As the network grows to incorporate cloud services, multiple sites and numerous methods of access, so does it’s attack surface.

Core Services

A high performance network is crucial for a great application experience, but complexity and choice is stretching the skillsets of most IT departments.

Web Security

For enterprise companies, Wi-Fi is not the slow, dumpy cousin of network connections any more. Had I made the same claim a year ago, or even six months ago, it might have been pretty contentious.

Our Networking Services


Networking Engineering Services

Businesses depend on secure and resilient networks to connect people and offices to the applications and data they need. Network engineering is a rare, highly sought and unique competency.


Core Networking Expertise

We provide network consulting, design and implementation services for complex and critical environments. A high performance network is crucial for a great application experience.


Public Cloud Integration

Core infrastructure often constrains IT departments from instantly delivering fast, flexible solutions to the business. Contingency planning for growth often results in a network .

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Businesses depend on
secure and resilient networks

A high performance network is crucial for a great application experience, but complexity and choice is stretching the skillsets of most IT departments.


Network Security

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Abby Wireless


cloud integration

Abby Wireless

Phones Accessories & Repairs

Our mobile technicians are available to serve you at any location across the Greater Toronto Area. For more information about our delivery range please view our FAQ


Phone Repairs

Our technicians are certified to diagnose and repair nearly any electronic mobile device. We also carry parts and components for a wide range of devices including all major brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Sony and so forth.

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Phone Accessories

We provide all types mobile accessories for our customers with lots of different varieties . Rise in demand for wireless accessories drives the mobile phone accessories market growth. This increase in demand is due to the change in customer preferences.

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We aim to help IT teams that are struggling to bring this DevOps revolution to their business. Through agile and lean processes, automation, continuous delivery and a wholesale reversal of the traditional ‘build, then test’ methodology, companies can see impressive ROI in terms of better efficiency and reliability.